Help for JITAg Authors

"Help for JITAg Authors" is a portal to just what its name promises: Help. If you're a prospective author, do more than check out the links below. Take them to heart. There's another audience for these handouts: those of you who teach graduate students who are working on research projects with potentially publishable results. One of the things you teach (or should teach) is how to write for a refereed journal. These handouts, while they're necessarily specific to JITAg, might provide a good, accessible springboard for a discussion of writing articles for any refereed journal.

Tips for Writing for the Journal of Information Technology in Agriculture.

What JITAg Reviewers Want in JITAg Submissions.

How to Get Published in a Professional Journal

"Pre-Review Reviews" explains what the editors looks for when we "pre-review" JITAg submissions and why we send some back to their authors for rewrite.

"What's the Difference?" discusses the differences among the various categories of JITAg articles, something authors need to understand.

"Help with Headings" points out how much headings and subheadings can strengthen articles and increase the chances of a favorable reception from reviewers.