What is JITAg?

What is the Journal of Information Technology in Agriculture (JITAg)?

JITAg is the official refereed electronic journal of INFITA.

What is the mission of JITAg?

JITAg strengthens the knowledge base of agriculture IT professionals and others to improve their effectiveness in solving problems related to food an fiber.

How do I access JITAg?

JITAg is published in electronic format and can be accessed on the web at http://www.JITAg.org/

When did JIT Ag enter the electronic age?

JITAg was first published electronically in 2003.

Who do I contact about preparing an article for JITAg?

Contact the editor at e-mail: [email protected].

Who oversees the publication of JITAg?

In addition to the editor, JITAg operations are guided by a Board of Directors made up of six members. Members represent the member regions.